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         Each active clarinetist will have two or three lessons, depending on their initial choice and the selection, with the clarinet professor Yehuda Gilad. Any repertoire for the Bb and A clarinet, Orchestral excerpts, Eflat or Bass clarinet, Chamber Music will be work in a very specific and outstanding manner for each person.
      The pianist provided by the organization,
S. Spanopoulos, has a
wide clarinet repertoire and will work any piece with you during the lessons and the Seminar. You will be able to work from all the great Classical and Romantic works to the most outstanding contemporary Clarinet Concertos.





         The students has to submit the following:

     · The application form that can be filled by clicking here. After submitting you must receive within two days an email confirming the reception of your application.
     · The
new students that have not participated in previous editions might send a recent digital recording (between five to ten minutes, sound or video), (not compulsory but convenient). If you decide to submit any recording, please do so by sharing it in a digital format through Youtube, Dropbox or any other servers to share files.







      There is no Registration fee. The students might choose some of the following 2 options.


  • December 2020 meeting - THREE lessons:  December 2020, 5th-10th: 575 €

  • December 2020 meeting - TWO lessons:  December 2020, 5th-10th: 400 €


     You do not have to transfer any deposit before receiving the confirmation of your participation in the X International Clarinet Seminar.








       New period will be announced soon.