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       The International Clarinet Seminar aims to improve the musical education and artistic level of a group of clarinetists. The selection of participants is made by resumes, along with a recording that is attached with the application.

      The seminar meetings are usually at intervals of six months. The lessons of  Yehuda Gilad most of the times try to focus on a methodology that will improve the students in a medium and long term period, rather than only trying to solve the problems of the piece or fragment that is working at the moment. The projection of each student is very present during Yehuda lessons. It is from this standpoint from which Yehuda becomes the master teacher as how is worlwide known, being able to transform the problems of students in achievements through ingenious solutions.

It is very normal to have in the seminar clarinetists who are preparing for important musical events such as Contests and International orchestral auditions, but it is also very common to have a very young talents. Yehuda shows in these lessons an special astuteness to see in them the jewel that is hidden.

       Lessons are extremely interesting not only from the point of view of the active student, but also for other students and listeners, who are also teachers some times, and see  how Yehuda is capable to deal with the difficulties of the students with great creativity.

       Following the success of previous editions, the XV Seminar has become an artistic reference of the clarinet  in Europe.


      At the end of the meeting of the XV International Clarinet Seminar, there will be the possibility that Professor Yehuda Gilad will select a talented clarinetist to continue clarinet studies at the University of Southern of California (USC) in Los Angeles during the next courses. It will be the student responsibility to follow the regular admission process that USC establishes for international students. The student might be recipient of a partial scholarship from USC in accordance to the degree that he or she would attend.



      During the Seminar the organization might schedule recitals where the students will perform the music worked during the seminar.

        Applying for the seminar and once the students are accepted to participate in the Seminar, students give the organization permission and allow them to take pictures or make recordings during lessons and recitals with educational purposes.


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