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Among its GOALS, highlights are:


Disseminates musical culture in general for the extension and increasing the musical knowledge.


Collaborates with government and other organizations, public and private entities to spread musical culture in all social and educational fields.



Among its ACTIVITIES, highlights are:


Organizes training activities such as courses, conferences, seminars, or concerts to spread musical culture.


Agreements and collaboration with public administrations, cultural and educational institutions, and other associations and cultural and educational foundations for musical activities.


Undertake the publication of musical productions, project development visual audio recording in digital format, as well as research on the musical repertoire from different periods.


    Artistic Association ”PerformArt“, responsible for the organization of the International Clarinet Seminar in Murcia, is a non - profit organization created in November 2011, under the law in force Partnership Act (Organic Law 1/2002 , of March 22nd), with full legal capacity and capacity to act.











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